Vector Art

In Vector graphics points, curves, lines, polygons etc are used to represent the complete image. While in raster the image representation is totally different. In Raster format, the image is represented by pixels. Vector image can be scaled to any extend without loss of its resolution. While raster or bitmap images scales poorly. When it comes to vector artwork, it is a vast field defined in a single word.

 Vector-based graphics have a wide scope in line art. Apart from pixel-based graphics, in vector-based graphics images are developed by mathematical functions. Vector-based images are somewhat similar to geometric diagrams and use points and lines. Individual objects have individual attributes and characteristics which is unlike pixel-based images in which each and every pixel has separate attributes and properties associated with them. The editing of vector-based images is also very easy. The main reason of this easiness in editing is that only the properties of the lines and objects has to be edited in contrast to the process of changing attributes of every pixel. The lines, dots and functions used in the development of vector-based graphics are called primitives.


 Vector-based graphics are easily scalable to any size. A vector-based image is made up of lines and mathematical statements which makes it easy to scale images up and down without losing quality. The output device does not need to make any estimations for the appropriate points, the objects changes its size or points through geometrical equations. Vector art has the strongest point that it gives its best results in logo designs and line based graphics and one can easily scale it into any size.


 The vector-based images are smaller than bitmap images because the file contains only the information related to objects rather than the information of each pixel. In vector-based graphics, the size depends on the resolution of the picture that has been generated even if the picture is converted to bitmap image, the size remains the same. So, if you want to have a small bitmap image on your website you can use a converted vector-based image. The size of the vector-based image depends on the number of objects and layers included with it.

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