About us


Embroidery Digitizing Work is the leader in the market who are providing the best Embroidery Digitizing service, Vector Conversion service and Web Development for more than couple of decades now.

Our success on Digitizing and Vector services is the result of our dedication to provide the best quality results with enhanced details and lower rate of thread breakages and crisper designs with less wastage and increased production rate. On the Software Development service, our robust, reliable and scalable software development solutions makes us to be successful. We work hard to meet the deadlines of the clients.

We are proud of our team of highly capable experts who make all this possible. Our team consists of the best in the business, who are trained to handle large orders as well as to meet the deadlines so that we don’t have to keep our clients waiting. We have the latest technology in both the hardware and software aspect. And all these forces enable us to provide the 24 hours turnaround time. And this is not just a promise but a commitment.